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A Caring, Family-Style Boarding School


Life at HCS

Hampshire Country School is a small, rather old-fashioned country boarding school where a simple and predictable lifestyle allows time to learn, play, grow, and appreciate other people.  All students are boarding students and all faculty live on campus, so evening and weekend hours are as important as the hours of classroom instruction.  The school is small enough that everyone is well known, everyone is important, and there is plenty of attention for every student.

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The school is designed especially for boys of exceptionally high intellectual potential who want to succeed, like to please adults, and want to have friends, but whose idiosyncrasies, high energy, unusual interests, excessive need for attention, or other characteristics have led to isolation or severe difficulties in larger schools. HCS is mostly a middle school. The best time to enter is when a boy is 8 to 11 years old, but older applicants are also considered.

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The Campus

The Hampshire Country School property covers 1700 acres which includes a main campus of simple buildings and facilities, two ponds, a working farm, miles of historic stone walls, and a 1400 acre nature preserve. Campus buildings include Main House, with classrooms, offices, library, and dining room; Coach House, with more classrooms; student dorms; faculty housing; a theater; a recreation barn; and an animal barn.

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Formal classes take place from 9:00 to 3:30 in class groups of about 4 students; but in a school of bright students who like to read and think, education takes place throughout the day. Mealtimes provide an opportunity for interesting discussions; many activity periods are filled with strategy board games and other thinking activities; and there is always an interest in factual knowledge.

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