Admissions inquiries may be initiated by returning the web contact form or by phone, email, or letter.

The best way to start may be with a lengthy phone call to the admissions office to discuss the student and the school to determine whether the student and school might be a good match. If so, the call can be followed by an exchange of written materials and reports and then a visit to the school by the student and his family.

There is no cost for inquiring and no application fee.

The usual and best time to enroll is in September at the start of school. Enrollment during the school year may be possible if there is a vacancy that will fit a particular student.

Tuition for the 35-week, 2017-2018 school year is $58,500. This includes education, room and board, school supplies, laundry, and most activities.

We are not able to offer financial aid to any of our students.