The tone of Hampshire Country School is set by its large faculty of classroom teachers, dorm parents, and activity instructors. Altogether, there are about two full time faculty members for every three students. Most full time faculty members live on campus, eat many of their meals with students in the school dining room, and participate in informal activities and special events on weekends and holidays as well as school days.

Of about 16 full-time faculty members, about six are classroom teachers, six are dorm parents, and four are involved with students in more general ways, including administrative and supervisory roles. Part-time faculty (who do not live on campus) include a music teacher, a skiing instructor, and a nurse.

Faculty members are chosen not only for their academic training and teaching ability, but also for their ability to be good role models for students, their liking for the kinds of students who attend Hampshire Country School, and for personal qualities such as integrity and reliability.

Teachers and other faculty are selected especially for their ability to appreciate, challenge, and stimulate students with high scholastic potential. It is important that they be able to work with educational and personal deficiencies in their students; but the success and fulfillment which most Hampshire Country school students achieve results primarily from stimulating their interests and abilities, not from focusing on their deficiencies.

  • Daniel Baker: German Teacher
    B.A., 2013, Greek and Latin; B.A., 2013 German, Florida State University. Intensive Language Programme, 2011, Freie Universitat Berlin. (HCS, 2016)
  • Marc Bergeron: Kitchen Manager and Cook
    Diploma, 1987, Mascenic Regional High School, New Ipswich, NH. (HCS, 2012)
  • Ellen Bingham: Administrative Assistant
    B.A. 1972, General Arts and Sciences, Pennsylvania State University. (HCS, 2007)
  • James Bingham: Ski Instructor (part-time)
    B.S., 1975, Mathematics, Lafayette College. National Ski Patrol Senior Alpine Ski & TobogganTrainer/Evaluator. (HCS, 2008)
  • Elizabeth Bruno: Dorm Parent
    B.A., 2004, Religious Studies, George Fox University. M.A.R., 2008, Religion and Literature, Yale Diviity School. M.A., 2013, English, University of Oregon. (HCS, 2016)
  • Indira Cabrera: Roaming Dorm Parent
    B.A., 2016, Liberal Arts, St. John’s College. (HCS, 2016)
  • Ben Casiello: Farm Manager, Activities Teacher
    B.S., 2007, Animal Science (concentration in Livestock Management), University of Massachusetts (Amherst).(HCS, 2011)
  • Thomas Ciglar: Director of Operations
    B.A. 1989, History, Dickinson College. Certified in History and Social Studies Education. (HCS, 1992)
  • Zach Crump: Dorm Parent
    Diploma, 2001, Whitney Young High School, Chicago, IL. U.S. Professional Tennis Association Certified Teaching Professional 2003-2010. (HCS, 2016)
  • Rachael DeVore: Elementary School Teacher
    B.S., 1993, Criminal Justice, Southern Vermont College. M.A., 2011, Theological Studies, Liberty University. (HCS, 2007)
  • William Dickerman: Director of Admissions
    B.A. 1965, Psychology, Oberlin College. M.A. 1969; Ph.D. 1971, Clinical Psychology, University of Wisconsin (Madison). Licensed Psychologist. (HCS, 1971)
  • Jennifer Ely: Elementary Coordinator & Summer Camp Director
    B.A. 2006, Educational Studies (concentration in Arts & Humanities), Elmira College. (HCS, 2006)
  • Bernd Föcking: Headmaster
    B.A., 2002, Education/History/English, Ruhr Universität Bochum. M.Ed., 2009, Experiential Learning, Plymouth State University. (HCS, 2003)
  • Jessica Hill: Elementary School Teacher
    B.A., 2010, Education (concentration in Elementary); B.A., 2010, American Studies (concentration in English Literature). Franklin Pierce University. Certified in K-8 Elementary Education. (HCS, 2014)
  • Sarah Jesseman
    B.A., 2015. Theater, Minnesota State University (Mankato). (HCS, 2015)
  • Karen Koskela
    Diploma, 1980, South Dearborn High School, Aurora, IN. Certificate in Food Service (1,600 hours), 1980, Versailles Vocational School, Versailles, IN.. (HCS, 2016)
  • Akeem Labitue, Roaming Dorm Parent
    B.A., 2014, English, Trinity College. (HCS, 2017).
  • Sarah Lane: Science Teacher
    B.A., 2007, Environmental Geography, Colgate University. (HCS, 2017)
  • Stormy LaRoche: Nurse (Part-time)
    L.P.N., 2012, Fortis School of Nursing, Columbus, OH. (HCS, 2014)
  • Michael Schiesel: Program Director
    B.S., 1984, Franklin Pierce College, Recreation Management. (HCS, 2013)
  • Edward Schmader: Dorm Parent
    B.A., 2015, History, Susquehanna University. (HCS, 2017)
  • Lynette Schnorbus: Housekeeper, Library Organizer
    B.A. 1983, Art, Bridgewater State College. M.A., 1987, Art Therapy, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. (HCS, 2007)
  • Robert Splaine: Mathematics Teacher
    B.S., 2008, Biology, University of Delaware. Teaching certification in mathematics grades 6-12 and biology grades 7-12. (HCS, 2016)
  • Patrick Tenero: Science Teacher
    B.A. 2012, History, University of Massachusetts (Amherst). (HCS, 2012)
  • Elizabeth Varnum: Singing, Piano Teacher (Part-time)
    B.M., 1979, Vocal Music Performance, New England Conservatory of Music. M.Ed., 1983, Counseling, University of Massachusetts (Boston). (HCS, 2004)
  • Edgar Washburn: English Teacher
    B.A., 1993, English and Secondary Education, Houghton College. Certified in Secondary English Education: NH, NY. (HCS, 1997)
  • Marsha Washburn: Bookkeeper
    B.A., 1994, History and Secondary Education, Social Sciences, Grove City College. M.A., 2000, History, University of New Hampshire (Durham). Certified in History and Social Science Education. (HCS, 2000)